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Import from Excel

Here we show you how simple it is to import a file from Excel. This process applies to all pages where we have made the Import from Excel action available. In this example, we will import customer transactions into a sales journal. This example assumes that you have already created an Excel Mapping Template using the General Journal import type.

Importing a Sales Journal

Open the Import from Excel Page

In the sales journal page, select the Import from Excel action. Sales Journal

Select the Excel Mapping Template

Enter the Template Code or choose the Template Code by using the lookup. You could alternatively click Select a template to use for the import, which will open the Excel Importer Mapping List where you can choose a template. Sales Journal Select Template

Choose the Excel file and Excel Worksheet

Browse to the Excel file by selecting the Assist Edit button next to the Excel file name. Sales Journal Select Template Completed


If your Excel file only has one worksheet, the Worksheet Name will default. If the file has multiple sheets, you get prompted to select the sheet from a list showing all sheets in the Excel workbook. If you mistake and choose the incorrect worksheet, you can use the assist edit next to the Worksheet Name to select a different worksheet.


You will notice that the text highlighted by the blue rectangle has changed and now reads Click here to view or update template - CUSTOMER-OPENING. If you click this, the Excel Mapping Template page will open.

Click OK to import the file

Click OK to import the file. After importing the file, Excel Importer displays a message confirming that the import is complete. After clicking OK, Excel Importer will return you to the page where you started. Sales Journal Select Template Completed