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Transfer Orders

Business Value

When you need to create a large number of transfer orders or create transfer orders with many lines, it will help if you could import this from Excel.

Feature Details

The Import from Excel action is available on the Transfer Orders list. The import can group related lines into documents and supports item tracking.


Replace Document No.

This setting allows you to specify if the imported document number should be replaced from the number series.

Setting ValuePurpose
YesThe imported document number gets replaced using the number series specified in the setup.
No (Default)The imported document number gets used for the imported documents.

If you do not have a document number in your list, then Excel Importer will assign one. Excel Importer uses the combination of the following fields to group the lines into a document:

  • Transfer-from Code
  • Transfer-to Code
  • In-Transit Code
  • External Document No.

Release Documents

This setting allows you to release the transfer orders immediately after importing the data.

Setting ValuePurpose
YesSpecifies that the assembly documents get released after they get imported.
NoSpecifies that the orders only get imported.


Excel Mapping Template

Transfer Order Template

Excel File

Transfer Order Excel File

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Transfer Order List

Transfer Order

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