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Production Orders


This feature is only available with the Premium experience in Business Central

Business Value

Some companies plan production in a different system to Business Central. Importing this data from Excel reduces manual data capture and improves productivity.

Feature Details

This feature allows you to import all types of production orders from the associated lists. You can use this feature to import new production orders and update existing production orders. The import will enable you to refresh production orders immediately after importing them so that the production orders are ready to perform further processing. Refreshing the production orders also ensures that the component and capacity demand gets considered in Business Central.


The import template provides the following settings:

Update Method

This setting aims to allow you to specify your intent so that you do not get unexpected results. For example, if your intention is only to add new orders, the import will ensure that the production orders in the file do not already exist in Business Central.

You can also choose to update existing orders if there are changes that you want to make. The default value for this setting is Add.

Setting ValuePurpose
AddOnly adding new production orders. The import gets cancelled if one or more production orders already exist with the same numbers that get imported from the file.
UpdateOnly updating existing production orders in Business Central (e.g. to change planned quantities). If the production order in the file does not exist in Business Central then the import gets cancelled.
Update/AddYou will be adding new production orders as well as updating existing production orders.

Refresh Production Orders

This setting allows you to trigger the refresh of production orders immediately after importing the data.

Setting ValuePurpose
Yes – Use default optionsSpecifies that the refresh gets executed, but the user does not change any values on the request page.
Yes – Open Request PageSpecifies that the request page gets opened after the import where you can choose the scheduling direction, etc.
NoSpecifies that the orders only get imported.

You cannot refresh the production orders you update if you have already processed transactions against them. If you try to do this, an error will occur and the import will be cancelled.