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Item Journals

Business Value

Allows you to import Item Journals with item tracking information (lot and serial number information), which is very handy on your initial inventory take-on.

Feature Details

The Import from Excel action can be found in the following journals:

Item JournalUse Excel Importer to import opening entries for new companies in Business Central or perform bulk item adjustments.
Reclassification JournalUse Excel Importer to import bulk reclassification journals. Many customers use this feature to change expiry dates or to change inventory to different variants if there are quality issues.
Revaluation JournalYou can use Excel Importer to revalue specific Item Ledger Entries.
Output JournalsUsed to import output when this is not recorded directly in Business Central.
Consumption JournalsUsed to import consumption when this is not recorded directly in Business Central.

Output and Consumption journals are only available with the Premium experience in Business Central.

Item Tracking (Lot and Serial Number)

This import supports importing lot and serial tracking details for items that require item tracking.

Document Numbers

You can import your own document numbers or you can specify a number series for the batch and let Business Central assign the numbers for you.