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Dual Unit of Measure

Some industries require simultaneously tracking their inventory in two units of measure (for example, Kg/Lbs and Cartons). Depending on the type of inventory, there could be a variable relationship between these units of measure. In the food industry, this type of functionality is often called catch weight or random weight.

The Dual Unit of Measure app addresses these requirements across most modules in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Business Central). We have built the solution in a generic way so that you can use it in all industries that require this functionality.

Do I need this app?

Business Central offers multiple Unit of Measure (UOM) capabilities with a fixed conversion from one UOM to another per item. This functionality works for most industries, provided the relationship between the units of measure is constant. You require this app when:

  • You have inventory with a variable relationship between units of measurement. For example:
    • Leg of Lamb
    • Cheese wheels
    • Pieces of fish
    • Steel products
    • Logs
  • You want to record the weight/volume and the units on each transaction.
  • You want to know your inventory on hand in weight/volume and units.


  • Configure items to either have a variable relationship between weight/volume and units or a fixed relationship.
  • Track inventory in the weight/volume and units.
  • Purchase items with a variable relationship between weight/volume and units. For example, order cartons at an average weight and then receive the actual weight and the number of cartons.
  • Take orders from customers in units, and when shipping, specify the units shipped and the actual weight shipped.
  • Transfer items with a variable relationship between weight/volume and units.
  • Track weight/volume and units in the warehouse and view the bin contents by weight/volume and units.
  • Pick items by unit and specify the actual weights of the units.
  • Prevent negative inventory for both weight/volume and units.
  • Process weight/volume-only adjustments to handle weight loss.
  • Support for basic warehouses (Inventory Picks and Put-aways) and complex warehouses (advanced warehousing including directed picks and put-aways)
  • No limitations to standard Business Central features. This is important because an app should only add features not disable features. This app supports all costing methods and all warehouse processes.

Unsupported features

This app currently does not support Assembly and Production. This means that the current solution is only suitable for distributors and not for manufacturers. We intend adding support for this in the future, please feel free to reach out to us if you want visibility of our road map.

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