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Advanced Dynamics 365 Integration

The Advanced Dynamics 365 Integration extension offers heightened functionality tailored to address intricate Dataverse integration scenarios. This extension is particularly well-suited for organizations leveraging Dataverse integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This application facilitates seamless linking via record IDs between Dataverse and Business Central (SystemId), accommodating diverse configuration templates for new records. Notably, field mappings have been enriched, and a more robust framework for generating Dimension Values and implementing associated Dimension Values has been established.


The extension is compatible with both the Essentials and Premium editions, encompassing the following set of features:

  • Coupling with the systemId.
  • Validate field after integration.
  • Sync fields to a related table.
  • Use more than one Table Config Template Code.
  • Dimension Mapping for integration mappings
  • Dimension Values sync based on any available Dataverse proxy table.
  • Enhanced Field Mapping for Customers - Accounts.
  • Enhanced Field Mapping for Items - Products.
  • Save and apply Default Mapping.
  • Automatic Blob-to-Text, Text-to-Blob conversion.
  • Handling Date Fields with preferred timezone conversion.
  • Allow deletion of coupled records with the sync.
  • Enhanced Integration Table Mappings with additional columns to display unsuccessful records: Failed Records, Skipped Records, Failed Custom Processes and Unprocessed Records.
  • Generic Transaction sync to a schema-less message (XML), derived from a Dataverse plug-in. The plug-in has the capability to observe the historical and updated data of a record, allowing it to incorporate both sets of information into a single message.