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Subscription Plans

The Base Pack has two subscription plans - Essentials and Premium. Each subscription plan has three pricing tiers based on your active full user count. Team Member licenses do not count towards the active full user count.

New Zealand Dollars (NZD)$90$990
Australian Dollars (AUD)$90$990

All prices are excluding applicable taxes.

  • If you unassign Business Central licenses, remember to select the action Update users from Microsoft 365 on the Users page so that these changes get reflected in Business Central.
  • Click here to exclude the users assigned to implementation consultants. You do not need to do this for GDAP and CSP users.

If you add users to your license and this places you into a different tier, you have 15 days to update your subscription plan before receiving any errors. You will receive warnings once you are outside your tier.

Essentials vs. Premium

Pre-configured Bank Statement Formats✔️✔️
Data Exchange Definition enhancements to support more bank statement formats✔️✔️
Bank Account Reconciliation and Bank Statement reports✔️✔️
EFT Transfers (Direct Credit and Direct Debit)✔️✔️
EFT Approval✔️✔️
Advanced EFT Approval✔️
Support for Host-Host Integration with Banks✔️
Pre-configured EFT File Formats✔️✔️
New Zealand Bank Account Validation✔️✔️
Vendor and Customer Bank Account Approvals✔️✔️
Sales Documents✔️✔️
Purchase Documents✔️✔️
Warehouse Documents✔️✔️
Document Configuration✔️✔️
Automatic Sending of Posted Documents✔️✔️
Send Sales/Purchase Order on Release✔️✔️
Document Email Log✔️✔️
Email Name Formats✔️✔️
Document Extended Text✔️✔️
Document Aggregation✔️
  • ✔️ all users have access to these features (assuming they have permissions).
  • ❌ not available.