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New Vendor

When creating a new Vendor, as you start typing their Name, the extension will search the NZBN registers for their registered name, number and contact details

  1. Click on the navigation menu item New

New Vendor 1

  1. Click on the field Name - Start typing the name

New Vendor 2

  1. Click on the link in the cell Name to select the correct record

New Vendor 3

  1. Click on the button Yes

New Vendor 4

If you already have data on the Vendor record, this will DELETE any data held in the NZBN field, as well as most Address & Contact fields (and replace with new details if found)

Click No to update the Name only, leaving all other fields the same.

  1. Click on Address & Contact to see the updated contact details

New Vendor 5

  1. Click on Invoicing to see the updated NZBN

New Vendor 6