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Advanced Sales

We built the Advanced Sales extension to enhance the sales and distribution features of Business Central. The app contains enhancements in sales, warehousing and intercompany that allow handling more complex scenarios and help to automate tasks that would otherwise be manual.


The features available to you will depend on the subscription plan that you select. You can learn about the subscription plans here.


The Advanced Sales extension provides various enhancements to the sales module to enhance the existing features and improve user workflow. The features include:

  • The ability to configure whether pricing comes from the Bill-to Customer or Sell-to Customer and to specify which pricing date to use.
  • Showing the margin details on the sales quote, order and invoice pages.
  • Check for duplicate external document numbers to prevent duplicate order entries.
  • Correcting invoices with value-only credit memos to handle price variances.
  • Automatically determining the promised delivery date based on the requested delivery date and the inventory that is or will be Available to Promise.
  • Enforcing or warning about minimum order values to ensure that your freight and other order-related costs get recovered.
  • Sales backorder management to manage when sales get placed on backorder or if they get removed after the first get shipped.
  • Automatically blocking customers when their balance becomes overdue.
  • Restricting volumes of orders on items that have a limited supply.

You can read more about these features here.


The app enhances the distribution features by helping to streamline planning for warehouse shipments and to improve the picking and packing processes. The features include:

  • A Warehouse Despatch Board that allows you to easily plan your shipments by providing visibility of the orders that need to be shipped and the volumes of these orders.
  • The ability to specify how to create warehouse shipments (Per Shipping Agent/Service Code or Per Order)
  • The ability to specify how the app should create picks. For example, if you have a warehouse shipment containing orders to multiple customers, you can split the picks by source document or a common ship-to address. These features allow you to pick and pack orders simultaneously going to the same destination.
  • Assign the shipment number at the picking time so you can use the packing slip as a delivery note - this is especially useful when you want to attach the packing slip/sales shipment at the time of picking.
  • Controlling the posting method so you can enforce if warehouse shipments must ship the orders only or ship and invoice.

User Posting Date Validation

In most organisations, users get restricted from posting within the current period. However you want to ensure that transactions get posted on the correct date, but it is not practical to update the posting date allowed for users daily. Advanced Sales enables you to configure a global rule that will apply to most users and the ability to define rules per user to handle exceptions.

Posting Date validation

The Posting Days Rule allows you to specify the following settings:

  • Any day within User Range is the default Business Central behaviour.
  • Today means the user can only post on the current date.
  • Today + refers to the current date plus a tolerance. For example, you allow posting on the current and following days.
  • Today - refers to the current date minus a tolerance. For example, you enable posting on the current and previous days.
  • Today +/- refers to the current date plus or minus a tolerance. For example, you allow posting on the last, current, and following days.

The Posting Days Tolerance field works with the Today +, Today -, Today +/- posting day rules.

To configure this feature:

  • Specify the global rule on Advanced Sales Setup. The global rule is the rule you want to apply to most users.
  • Specify exceptions for users on the User Setup.

Automatically Updating the Posting Date

You can also specify to update the posting date for users automatically only allowed to post on the current day. This is helpful because it prevents the user from getting an error and saves them from updating the date manually. This feature is available for sales, purchase, transfer, and warehouse documents.

On the Advanced Sales Setup, you can specify to change the date automatically without warning the user.


Use Sell-to Customer for sales prices✔️✔️
Use Order Date or Requested Delivery Date for Prices✔️✔️
Use Sell-to Customer dimensions and salesperson✔️✔️
Warning if duplicate external document✔️✔️
Reset Qty. to Ship after posting✔️✔️
Show Margin details to users when processing sales✔️✔️
Default requested delivery date calculation✔️✔️
Ability to define G/L posting descriptions related to inventory postings✔️✔️
Value only Credit Memos✔️
Enhanced user posting date validation✔️
Specify sales prices in different units of measure✔️
Sales backorder management✔️
Available to Promise✔️
Warehouse Despatch Board✔️
Create warehouse pick per source document✔️
Minimum Order Value✔️
Automate the posting of Intercompany documents✔️
Automatic Blocking/Unblocking customers based on terms✔️
Restricted items✔️
  • ✔️ all users have access to these features (assuming they have permissions).
  • ❌ not available.

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