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Subscription Management (platform), as well as Stripe (payment provider), offer pay-as-you-go pricing, based on payments you process. There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or any other hidden fees. Your final price will be calculated as a sum of transaction fees from both parties, based on your app price to your customer, as defined in the table below.

Subscription Mgt.Stripe
Transaction fees7%3.4%+30¢ (region specific)

Both fees will be automatically applied to a transaction amount as the transaction happens. There are no fees if you need to refund a payment, but the fees on the original payment will not be returned in case of a refund.

Volume Discount

We support our publishers with a volume-based discount program. Publishers that show a significant sale over a year will receive a discount for the platform fee for the next full year as defined in the table below.

Sales (USD)> 100,000 USD> 500,000 USD
Transaction fee6% (14% discount)5% (28% discount)
The anniversary date will be set with the first successful customer payment. If you have achieved one of the thresholds, the discount will then be applied automatically to all future transactions.

Stripe has its own volume-based discount program. Please contact the Stripe sales team to get more information about it.

Open Source Discount

At Theta we are big fans and supporters of Open Source initiatives. In support of the Business Central Open Source community, we are offering a 57% discount, i.e. a transaction fee of 3%, to all publishers which have all apps available as open source. Please contact our product team to get a service discount.