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Subscription Plans

The app has different subscription plans tailored to different customer needs.

DeveloperFor customers that do not wish to use any of the tools, this plan allows the extension to be installed and available to implementation consultants.
BasicFor customers who want to use some of the features but not all.
EssentialsAccess to all features, except those features that can change posted data (only available to implementation consultants).
New Zealand Dollars (NZD)$0$0
Australian Dollars (AUD)$0$0


Run Object✔️✔️🔵
Find and Replace🔵✔️🔵
System Status✔️✔️🟢
Sandbox Initialisation🔵✔️🔵
Cleanup Sandbox🔵✔️
Set Default User Settings✔️✔️🔵
Import/Export User Settings and User Access✔️✔️🔵
Automatically Update User Posting Date Ranges✔️✔️
Expiry Notifications✔️✔️
Change Log Analysis✔️✔️🔵
Configuration Package multi-table selection✔️✔️🔵
Bulk release of open sales and purchase documents✔️✔️🔵
Tools for large item journal batches🔵✔️🔵
Reopen Finished Production Order🔵✔️🔵
Historical Dimension Updates🔵✔️🔵
Copy Data🔵✔️🔵
Bulk Delete🔵✔️🔵
Bulk Delete Emails🔵✔️🔵
Bulk Rename🔵✔️🔵
Generate API Page🔵✔️🔵
Updates to posted entries🔵🔵🔵
  • ✔️ all users have access to these features (assuming they have permissions).
  • 🟢 represents the ability to have limited access to a feature to all users.
  • 🔵 only available to an implementation consultant.
  • ❌ not available.

Authorising Implementation Consultants for Unrestricted Use

In environments where the Developer or Basic subscription plan is selected, you can Authorise Implementation Consultants for Unrestricted use. Click here to find out how to do this.