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Purchases and Accounts Payable

Buyer Created Tax InvoiceYou can print this document if you create Buyers Created Invoices. We have also enhanced Business Central to allow you to send this document either manually from the list or using the Send Posted Documents batch job.
Draft Purchase InvoiceYou could use this in scenarios where you raise the purchase invoice based on the information you hold, and you want to share this with your vendor before posting the invoice (e.g. Consignment Inventory or Buyer-Created Tax Invoices).
Purchase OrderYou can print/send this document from the purchase order page.
Vendor Remittance Advice (Posted)You can send a remittance to your vendors after posting a payment journal that relates to an EFT Transfer.
Employee Remittance Advice (Posted)If you reimburse employee claims and make the payments from Business Central, you can send this document to your employees.
Customer Remittance Advice (Posted)Used to send a remittance to the customer when you process a refund.

Report Features

FeatureSupported Reports Reports
Select position of document logoAll
Use Responsibility Centre details for company informationAll
Show Purchase contact email/phone details instead of common details for the companyAll
Specify default language for companyAll
Show GST Registration Info or ABN No.Order, Buyer Created Tax Invoice
Change Date FormatsAll
Display LCY SymbolAll
Change colours of fonts and bordersAll
Show Item Tracking informationBuyer Created Tax Invoice
Prevent sending/printing if openOrder
Show Vendor Item No.Order, Buyer Created Tax Invoice
Wrap description and split into multiple linesOrder, Buyer Created Tax Invoice
Change document nameAll
Configure a different copy name per copyAll
Legal text specific to the documentAll

Remittance Advice

The three remittance advices that we provide can only print from posted entries. It means you cannot print them before you have posted your journal. This control is essential to prevent remittances from being sent out while you can still change the journal.