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I have a trial version and it's expired. How do I proceed with purchasing the license?

To purchase a license you need to complete the activation process and enter payment information. If you require any assistance please contact us.

Which versions of Dynamics NAV/Business Central are supported by the extension?

Business Central version 15 is the currently the lowest supported version.

Is it possible to use Advanced Payment Reconciliation for on-premise installations?

Yes, Advanced Payment Reconciliation is available in any environment with internet connectivity.

Standard Business Central Help

How do I setup up Data Exchange Definitions?

When importing your bank statement for Advanced Payment Reconciliation, we use Business Central's standard Data Exchange Definitions. You can find further details at Microsoft Docs - Set Up Data Exchange Definitions.

What Data Format do I use for a 24 hour a DateTime field in the Data Exchange Definitions?

If you have a DateTime field holding 24 hour time (eg. 5/05/2022 16:00 for 4pm on the 5th of May 2022), you set the Data Format as d/MM/yyy H:mm and use a Data Formatting Culture such as en-NZ.


The upper case H is the key for 24 hour time. Use a lower case h for 12 hour time.