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Advanced Production

The Advanced Production extension provides enhancements to inventory processes related to production.

Additional Configuration options for production:

The Advanced Production setup allows you to configure the following:

  • The rounding precision for the quantity on production order lines. This is useful when families are refreshed and do not create whole numbers.
  • Allow families with zero quantity lines to support scenarios where items in a family are not the targeted item and are not planned by default.
  • Include negative component lines in the standard cost rollup - this allows byproducts to be included.
  • Security to control who is allowed to finish production orders - this is useful since there is no way to reopen a production order once it is finished.

Our Implementation Tools extension does include a feature to reopen a production order.

Advanced Output Capturing

This features allows you to capture production output and automate the creation of lot numbers. You can do this on a card-type page for one production order line or a worksheet with multiple production order lines. You can access this feature from a Released Production Order.

Item Journals

We have added the following defaults to the Item Journal batch:

  • Default General Business Posting Group - enables certain adjustments to use different posting setups. This applies to Item, Physical Inventory, Revaluation, and Job Journals.
  • Default Entry Type, which gets copied to Item Journals. You can still change the entry type in the batch if you need to.

Label Printing

The Label printing feature allows you to import a template in ZPL/DPL with tokens that can get replaced with values from the actual entries. Printing is handled through Print Node by default, but you can select a different printing service provider.

Lot Attributes

You can configure Lot Attributes and assign them to lot information. You can configure Default Lot Attributes against items, item categories, and the values for the lot attributes can be transferred from the item ledger entries.

Item Transformations

Business Value

When you experience quality issues or need a simple conversion from one product to another, you want the costs to transfer too. The only way to do this and ensure that cost adjustments will flow to the new item is to use a production or assembly order. However, often this is done based on an inspection, and there is no physical conversion process. In these cases, creating an assembly or production order does not make sense.

Feature Details

You can find this feature using Tell Me (Alt+Q) and searching for Item Transformations.

Item Transformation Setup

Here you can configure allowable transformations to prevent invalid transformations from getting processed. While this configuration is optional, we recommend that you configure this to avoid errors in processing. You can access this setup from the Item Card and List - Related, Items, Item Transformations.

Item Transformation Journal

The Item Transformation Journal allows you to process Item Transformations in a batch. The item transformation journal creates an Assembly Order for every line in the journal. This gets done in the background, and you do not need to process against the assembly orders - unless your warehouse rules require you to create picks.

There is also a feature to suggest an item transformation setup when a new scenario is entered on the item transformation batch to make the configuration easier.

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