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Subscription Management - is a turnkey solution that provides an easy and secure monetization mechanism for your Business Central app. Designed by Theta and backed by Stripe, it provides an automated and integrated solution to handle payments, manage your customers and subscriptions seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Backed by Stripe, the #1 payment platform available in all Business Central SaaS countries.
  • Offers flexible billing models including tiered, per seat and usage-based pricing.
  • Supports 135+ currencies and multiple payment intervals.
  • A direct, secure, end-to-end integration with the app publishers own Stripe account.
  • A seamless user sign-up process to onboard your customers within seconds.
  • Secure customer authentication using single sign-on (SAML2 based SSO).
  • A simple API allows you to integrate your app with a few lines of code.
  • A single account for all your apps across any environment.
  • Build-in customer support through email.
  • Translated by native speakers into English, Dutch, French, German and Czech.
  • Works securely in SaaS and On-Prem (>=15.0)

Design Principles

  • Security & Privacy: Subscription Management takes on the responsibility of connecting Business Central end-users with application publishers. We don't take privacy and security lightly, and work closely with industry specialists to ensure our own development methodologies are in line, if not ahead of industry standards to ensure the resiliency and integrity of your data remains sound.
  • Seamless Experience: We feel a seamless customer journey is key to converting leads into paid users. We aim to deliver an optimal user experience across all application interfaces. This is related to the app following conventions of UI design, minimalism and simplicity with a well-documented API.
  • Publisher's Identification: Subscription Management is a publisher's tool and should not emphasize any identity other than that of the publisher. Therefore we have removed our branding from the UI wherever possible.