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Outbound Messages

Testing Outbound Integration Handlers

Choose "Export Message". The following applies:

  • A filter page opens where you can specify filters for the record.
  • You will receive a confirmation message if multiple records exist within the filters specified and you can choose to cancel or continue
  • Each record (within the filters specified) is then published using the integration handler.

This process does not run the outbound event - it behaves as if the outbound event had been triggered.

This function only works for a pre-defined list of standard BC tables. If you want to add your custom table, you can subscribe to the event OnBeforeSetRecordVariantFromRecordRef.

Additional Subscribers on Outbound Messages

Occasionally you need to send the same message to more than one location. It is now possible to specify this on the outbound integration message handler card in the additional subscribers section. When a message is sent as an additional subscriber, it uses the original message that is exported, which means it does not export the data multiple times.

Update Values after Export

If you want to update a record immediately after it has been sent, you can specify values to be updated on the integration handler on the After Export Tab. You can optionally choose to run the modify trigger.


When you do run the trigger, there is a possibility for recursion if you do not have filters that exclude this. The program will error if it detects recursion.