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Sales and Purchase Prices


This feature relates to the old pricing experience in Business Central. If you have enabled the new sales pricing experience, you need to go here.


This feature will be deprecated when Microsoft deprecate the old pricing experience. We have already added support for the new pricing experience.

Business Value

Many companies calculate their sales prices outside of Business Central using formulae and then need to import this into Business Central. This feature allows you to import prices from Excel in a flexible format. It also supports importing purchase prices that you receive from your vendors. If your vendor supplies a file containing their item numbers, you can import the file directly as long as you have setup item references.

Feature Details

You can access this the Sales/Purchase Price import from the following pages:

Sales Prices
Sales Price Worksheet
Purchase Prices

Step-by-Step Guides

Creating a Sales Price Worksheet Template

This guide presents the steps required to create an Excel mapping template for the Sales Price Worksheet.

Importing into the Sales Price Worksheet Page

This guide presents the steps required to import into the Sales Price Worksheet page in Business Central using the Excel Importer.