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Getting Started


You must activate at least a trial subscription to use the app. You do not have to enter payment details to start a trial. This link shows you how to activate the app.

You must add payment details before your trial expires. This link shows you how to update your subscription.

You can find out about the pricing of the extension here.


The app includes three permission sets, which are detailed below.

Permission SetPurpose
BASIC_EFT_TSL - Base Pack (All Users) - BasicYou must assign this permission set to all users to prevent permission errors even when not using a specific feature. The permission setup only provides the most basic permissions to set up tables and other tables the system uses. Users can print outbound documents with this permission set, provided they have the base app permissions required to access the underlying data.
USER_EFT_TSL - Base Pack (EFT) - UserYou must assign this permission set to users that generate EFT Transactions.
SUPER_EFT_TSL - Base Pack (EFT) - SuperYou must assign this permission set to users responsible for configuration. It provides full access to all tables for the app.

The app only includes permissions for the features added by the app. Therefore, you must also assign users the relevant base app permissions.

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