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Advanced Sales is available on either an Essentials or Premium Plan and you can choose between monthly or annual. The price is per tenant for an unlimited number of users. All prices are excluding applicable taxes.

New Zealand Dollars (NZD)$100$1,100
Australian Dollars (AUD)$100$1,100

Essentials versus Premium

Use Sell-to Customer for sales prices✔️✔️
Use Order Date or Requested Delivery Date for Prices✔️✔️
Refresh Prices on Sales Quote/Order✔️✔️
Use Sell-to Customer dimensions and salesperson✔️✔️
Warning if duplicate external document✔️✔️
Reset Qty. to Ship after posting✔️✔️
Show Margin details to users when processing sales✔️✔️
Default requested delivery date calculation✔️✔️
Ability to define G/L posting descriptions related to inventory postings✔️✔️
Value only Credit Memos✔️
Enhanced user posting date validation✔️
Specify sales prices in different units of measure✔️
Sales backorder management✔️
Available to Promise✔️
Warehouse Despatch Board✔️
Create warehouse pick per source document✔️
Minimum Order Value✔️
Automate the posting of Intercompany documents✔️
Automatic Blocking/Unblocking customers based on terms✔️
Restricted items✔️
  • ✔️ all users have access to these features (assuming they have permissions).
  • ❌ not available.